Art gallery in Tyrol

Modern Art Gallery
Modern Art Gallery

The 'Hotel Gallery', which opened in December 2008, is a centre for arts at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel.

Quality contemporary art always finds a collector. This experience is confirmed by gallery owner Florian Werner, who opened the Hotel Gallery in St. Christoph on the Arlberg on December 3rd 2008. The opening had a great reception from the more than 200 guests, who came to see the paintings, sculptures and installations.

Modern & contemporary art

With more than 15,069ft² of display area the Hotel Gallery in St. Christoph offers modern art a generous and uniquely exclusive environment. Successful modern artists as well as newcomers find equal recognition during the special exhibitions and showcases.

With the Artists in Residence project, host Florian Werner has created a priceless creativity forum: artists can live and  at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel and work at the Art Studio in the arlberg1800 Contemporary Art & Concert Hall during the summer for an entire week. Guests of the arlberg1800 RESORT can then watch the creative work in progress.

Modern creations meet spa

Tranquillity has nothing to do with standing still. In the deliberately minimalist spa and wellness area at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel you will find an especially interesting play of unobtrusive interior design and modern art.

Upon arrangement, visitors, who are not guests at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel, are welcome to arrange a visit to the Austrian Art Gallery.

Florian Werner - the artist

Florian Werner himself works as an artist and therefore knows best, how to work with artists and organise exhibitions and displays in his galleries.

Spend your holiday at the arlberg1800 RESORT, where tradition and art are perfectly blended. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry or book directly online today.

Exhibitions on the Arlberg

Alexander Maria Lohmann " HUMANPLAYGROUND" Art in the basement
Cristina Firorenza - Art in the basement
Kirsten Helfrich and Isabel Haase – Art at the swimming pool
Lena Lapschina " Sword, Dog, Mountain, Car" - Art in the spa
Heinz Aschenbrenner - Art in the Spa


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