The History of the Arlberg Hospiz

From the pilgram´s inn to Hospiz at the Arlberg

Philanthropy and hospitality are the cornerstones on which the Hotel at the Arlberg rests. Even today, the founding concepts are shown through the history of the "inn" at the Arlberg, which began in the 14th century with Heinrich Findelkind.

We are writing about the year 1386. Heinrich Findelkind, a swineherd at the Arlberg, built an inn at the Arlberg on the site of the present-day Arlberg Hospiz Hotel. There, people who took the way over the Arlberg pass found food and lodging. As the messenger of Christian love of neighbor, Heinrich received from Pope Boniface the right to found the Brotherhood of St. Christoph, in order to be able to give to pilgrims protective lodging.

More than 630 years of history until the present-day Arlberg Hospiz

For six centuries the inn at the Arlberg was a life-saving refuge, until the railway tunnel through the Arlberg began in 1884, resulting in and few people crossing over the mountains. The inn was left to deteriorate. Carl Ganahl, Deputy Governor of Vorarlberg and great-grandfather of Arnold Ganahl, the late owner of the Hospiz, succeeded in having the building declared a protected monument.

Arlberg Resort Arlberg Hospiz Hotel Historische Bilder Schwarz Weiá (C) Arlberg RESORT ( )
  • Arlberg Resort Arlberg Hospiz Hotel Historische Bilder Schwarz Weiá (C) Arlberg RESORT ( )

    Arlberg is the cradle of Alpine skiing and the Arlberg Hospiz is its birthplace

    During the turn-of-century winter of 1900/1901, four skiing pioneers conquered the deep snowy cliffs of the Arlberg – a premier that lastingly marked the Arlberg and the history of the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel. The four skiers paid a visit to the known and hospitable innkeeper, Oswald Trojer, and overnight made the inn the birthplace of ski sports at the Arlberg.

The modern comes first and foremost at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel in St. Christoph

Since 1959, the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel has radiated new glory. The call to be the most modern and the most beautiful hotel at the Arlberg has spread far over the peaks of the Austrian Alps. It was the beginning of an era.

2015 - With the construction of the Arlberg Hospiz Contemporary Art & Concert Hall and the Landhaus Suites, new doors were opened once again and the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel developed from the existing Arlberg Hospiz Hotel, the Hospiz Alm Restaurant with the Alm Residences and the Chalet Skyfall .

Genuine hospitality and social engagement are a matter of course for the Werner family. Adi Werner is the chairman of the Brotherhood of St. Christoph and together with his wife, Gerda, is a courteous, sociable host. The host of the entire Arlberg Hospiz Hotel is Florian Werner with his wife Ursula, who, along with the entire team, look forward to welcoming you to St. Christoph.

How the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel got its name

Traditional site of hospitality since 1386

For many centuries, on the site of the traditional ski hotel in St. Christoph, there was an inn that served as a life-saving refuge for people in need. The hospitable idea behind the founding of the Hospiz is lived and made tangible to this day at the hotel am Arlberg.

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Where does the "Hospiz" in the hotel name come from?

In the Middle Ages, "Hospiz" meant religious or monastic inns for pilgrims, the needy, foreigners, or the sick. Later, the meaning of the term narrowed to modern-day medical centers resulting in the terms "Hospital" and "Spital" in the German-speaking areas of the world. Its etymological root, the Latin "hospitium," contains the meanings "hospitality" and "inn," which describes the present-day Arlberg Hospiz Hotel.

Arlberg Resort Arlberg Hospiz Hotel Historische Bilder Schwarz Weiá (C) Arlberg RESORT ( )