Energetic Massage

If you feel exhausted and tired, then indulge in an energetic massage at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel and recharge your batteries. Unwind in our deluxe spa surrounded by majestic mountains.
Blockades in our body cause tensions and will keep the energy from flowing through our body. The energetic massages ease those blockades and let the energy flow again. Not only your body, but also your mind will feel the positive effects of the massages.

Headache, migraine or simply pause for a moment? Enjoy a combination of energetic head massage and an ear candle treatment. Grant your head a break!
50 MIN.   EUR 98.00

Activating self-healing powers and energies!
They harmonise the organ system and metabolism. They alleviate complaints, headaches, nape and shoulder tensions
through targeted impulses into the inside of the body. Using fine vibrations, which are emitted when the sound bowl is “played”. Vibrations are carried over onto the body and come into touch with each cell. The effect: an inner massage.
50 MIN.   EUR 98.00

Close your eyes – dive into oblivion! The Hawaiian temple massage, the “queen of all massages” activates your body’s self-healing processes and sets total relaxation free. In unison with man and nature. Every part of your body will be treated with warm oil and stroking movements. The massage regenerates your body and gives you a feeling of pure softness.
75 MIN.   EUR 145.00


We ease your feet, legs and knees with a certain combination of Thai massage movements. The reflexology zones of your feet are activated with the help of a wooden massage bar. The Thai foot massage causes an energetic revitalisation and deep relaxation.
50 MIN.   EUR 98.00


Allow us to stretch and pamper you – flexibility, freedom and vastness await you. Your body will be treated with fingers, hands, elbows and feet. This combination leads to a reconstitution of your energy flow, improves the circulation of your skin, connective tissue and your muscles.
We kindly ask you to wear casual clothes (t-shirt, sportswear, leggings).
75 MIN.   EUR 145.00

Bevor you making a decision reserve a "feel-good time window". The first step to your comfortable holiday is the online booking. The RESORT team looks forward to your online inquiry and your visit.

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