Where the name of Arlberg Hospiz Hotel comes from

The Arlberg region
The Arlberg region

For many centuries, on the ground now occupied by the Arlberg Hospiz hotel in St. Christoph, there stood a hostel that provided life-saving refuge for countless people. The concept of hospitality that lay behind the creation of the hospice is one that the Arlberg hotel continues to live by and which is still enjoyed by its guests today.

Why is the hotel called a 'hospice'?

In the Middle Ages, the term 'hospice' was used to describe ecclesiastical or monastic hostels for pilgrims, strangers, the sick and the needy. More recently, the term has become synonymous with medical institutions, which in some German-speaking regions are even today widely referred to as 'hospitals' or 'spitals'. Its linguistic root, the Latin 'hospitium', covers both 'hospitality' and 'hostel', thus describing the essence of today's arlberg1800 RESORT. (It was only in the 1970s that the hospice movement came into existence.)

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