History of the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel in Tyrol

History of the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel
History of the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel

Cordiality and hospitality are the foundations of the proud history of the hotel on the Arlberg. The philanthropic ideal that originally led to the foundation of the accommodation has been the essential element of the luxurious Arlberg Hospiz Hotel in Austria up to the present day.

Heinrich, a child from Kempten worked at the castle Arlen near Nassrein in St. Anton as a pig farmer. When he roamed over the slopes of the Arlberg with his animals, misery was his constant companion. He was deeply moved by the dire fate of those who starved or froze to death trying to cross the Arlberg massif and were lost in freezing blizzards. Heinrich asked Duke Leopold III of Austria for a stretch of land at the Arlberg mountain pass. In 1386 he built the hospice on the Arlberg. The Arlberg Hospiz Hotel can be found at the very same spot.

Pope Boniface IX granted Heinrich the privilege of founding the Brotherhood of St. Christoph. In the first winter of its existence, members of the brotherhood saved seven people from certain death in the deep snow. These survivors were given food and drink and a bed for the night.

The exciting history of the ski hotel in Tyrol

For six centuries the hospice on the Arlberg was a life saving refuge until 1884, when the construction of the railroad tunnel through the Arlberg massif was started and the number of people daring the perilous journey over the mountain dwindled. After that, the hospice fell into disrepair. Carl Ganahl, the regional governor of the province of Vorarlberg, the grandfather of the owner of the hospice Arnold Ganahl, had the ancient building put under monument protection.

The Arlberg Massif, cradle of alpine skiing

In 1900/01, in the winter of the century, four skiing pioneers explored the snow covered slopes of the Arlberg massif – a premiere and a milestone in the history of the hotel on the Arlberg. The four skiers paid the widely known and immensely hospitable host at the hospice, a man known by the name of Oswald Trojer, a visit, making the hospice the cradle of Alpine skiing on the Arlberg.

A golden age of luxury at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel

Since 1959 the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel radiates with renewed splendour. It quickly gained a reputation for being the most modern and beautiful hotel at the Arlberg massif far beyond the Austrian borders. A new era was born at the Arlberg massif: an age of luxury, fantastic skiing conditions and legendary hospitality.

2016 - With the opening of the new arlberg1800 Contemporary Art & Concert Hall and the arlberg 1800 suites new doors opened again. The existing Arlberg Hospiz Hotel, the Hospiz Alm Restaurant with the Alm Residence Suites and the Chalet Skyfall Suites creat the new arlberg1800 RESORT.

Hospitality and social commitment are matter of course for the Werner family. Senior director Adi Werner is the chairman of the Brotherhood of St. Christoph and patron of numerous brothers and sister all over the world. Send a no obligation holiday enquiry or book directly online for very special skiing holidays at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel.

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