Pedikure & Manikure & Extras

With the most innovative ingredients against dry, chapped and cracked skin and protective agents we serve in our pedicure on special way: Foot bath, exfoliation, nail care, massage and mask.

Eur 65.00 60 minutes time indulgence
Eur 15.00 On request with Nail Polish


Hand and nails treatment with valuable essences

Eru 45.00 45 minutes time indulgence
Eur 18.00 Paraffin hand pack
Eur 15.00 On requst with Nail Polish


Treat ypurself perfecly painted nails, without looking after the nails every day. The long-lasting hand and foot nails polish for every woman. It is scratch - and shock resistant and hold up to 3 weeks.
No long drying times, so that you can faster return to the holidays.

Eur 84.00 Shellac & Manicure
75 MIN
Eur 45.00 Shellac apply
30 MIN
Eur 45.00 Shellac remove
30 MIN


Eyebrows and eyelashes

Eur 15.00 Eyebrow shaping
Eur 15.00 Eyebrow tint
Eur 15.00 Eyelash tint

Hair removal: Body

Eur 40.00 Legs to Knee or Back
Eur 60.00 Full Legs
Eur 37.00 Bikini-Zone
Eur 65.00 Bikini-Zone Complete
Eur 25.00 Under Arm

Hair removal: Face

Eur 8.00 Upper Lip/ Chin/ Cheeks

Bevor you making a decision reserve a "feel-good time window". The first step to your comfortable holiday is the online booking. The RESORT team looks forward to your online inquiry and your visit.

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