Special Massage

The experienced massage therapists will indulge you with the best massage techniques from West and East. Enjoy Asian massage treatments at your spa hotel in Austria and spend an unforgettable spa holiday at 1,800 metres above sea level.  

Human touch, warmth and aroma: these are the ingredients for a relaxing or a stimulating Asian massage. Experience how your body and mind will react to the special massages. All relaxed and with new energy you can start your next active day on the mountains and then enjoy culinary indulgence at the restaurants in the evening.

This alternative-medical form of treatment has developed from the Osteopathie. Handles are explained mainly in the area of the head and sacrum. The soft, careful, gentle-rhythmical clutch technologies show an oscillation and resonance therapy of head, backbone and pelvis which stimulates selfcorrection, tension balance and healing processes in the body
50 MIN. EUR 98.00

This treatment achieves gentle stretching of the muscles and ligaments, a gentle separation of the surfaces of the small vertebral joints and reduces pressure around the intervertebral discs. It is based on the operating principles of dynamic extension therapy while, at the same time, being even better adjusted to the needs and preconditions of each patient. It is a novel dynamic extension device promising to be able to efficiently treat a large variety of spinal problems.
Please wear convenient cloth and socks.

40 MIN. EUR 79.00

Lymph drainage assists with swellings, bruises and after accidents.
25 MIN. EUR 51.00
50 MIN. EUR 98.00

Devised by Dieter Dorn, this technique combines gentle manipulation of the joints with the correction of misalignments in the spinal column. In addition to relaxing the body and mind, this method can be used to promote regeneration in sciatica sufferers.
50 MIN. EUR 98.00

The fancy back treatment. With this special backbone treatment, retain your composure. The vitalis massage resonaz © DORSALIS releases tension of the back mussels and improves the dynamic oft he backbone. Through this treatment, energy will flow through.
50 MIN. EUR 98,00

Bevor you making a decision reserve a "feel-good time window". The first step to your comfortable holiday is the online booking. The RESORT team looks forward to your online inquiry and your visit.

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