Wine cellar on the Arlberg

Traditional wine cellar
Traditional wine cellar

The arlberg1800 RESORT impresses not only with various awarded restaurants, but also with the well-known and exquisite wine collection by Adi Werner.

The wine cellar with special large-bottled wines is kept with a lot of enthusiasm by Adi Werner and his team of sommeliers – the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel and Hospiz Alm are well known for those special bottles, which are stored underneath the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel. Adi Werner also built a wine cellar at the Hospiz Alm Restaurant, where you can also find the finest wines.

Adi Werner’s wine collection – a special selection of liquid gems, which has been awarded with the 5 Star Diamond Award. This award is one of the most notable international awards, desired by many, received only by a few. The Arlberg Hospiz Hotel and Hospiz Alm in St. Christoph on the Arlberg have not only met the wine standards but also exceeded. In the Arlbegr Hospiz Hotel and restaurant’s wine cellar you will find the biggest private collection of first-class Bordeaux and Burgundy wines in big bottles. Since the early 1980s Adi Werner fills the precious drops, which mature in wine barrels in Bordeaux, in 12.15l and 18l bottles. This way of storage brings out the best in the wine.

International wine summit at Adi Werner’s wine cellar

The wine collection at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel and Hospiz Alm Restaurant not only attracts wine-fans, but also international politicians and businessmen. The mystical Brotherhood Wine Cellar underneath the traditional Arlberg Hospiz Hotel has a long history. Head of states, kings and bosses of big business have tasted the world’s best wines here.

Life is too short to drink bad wine! Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry or book your room at the arlberg1800 RESORT online.

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