Winter hiking in Tyrol

Snowshoeing in Tyrol in the Austrian Alps
Snowshoeing in Tyrol

Snowshoeing on the Arlberg in Tyrol is a wonderful way of discovering the wintry Austrian Alps in a new and fascinating way. You can start right from your RESORT door step during your winter holidays in Tyrol.

If you have tried snowshoeing on the Arlberg before, you can start your excursions directly from the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel. If you want to try snowshoeing for the first time, then you can get an experienced guide to show you how it works.

Guided snowshoeing tours

In all winter sports resorts on the Arlberg, guided snowshoeing tours are offered. The team at reception of your arlberg1800 RESORT will gladly provide you with further information. In a group or with a private snow shoeing guide of the Arlberg ski school, you will conquer the wide, snow covered hills of the Arlberg.

With Alaska snowshoes you will march across the glistening snow fields. The technique is learnt very quickly and soon you will move across the snow almost effortless.

You will define the speed in which you are snowshoeing around the Arlberg. The best athletic effects are felt when doing so in the aerobe pulse frequency. Blood circulation and fat burning are both increased. Step by step you will leave the stress of everyday life behind. Snowshoeing is a healthy exercise and meditation at the same time.

For your individual snowshoeing adventures on the Arlberg, send your no obligation holiday enquiry to the arlberg1800 RESORT or book your room online.

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