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    Vacation at the Arlberg

From the pilgrim's inn to the Arlberg Hospiz 

Philanthropy and hospitality are the cornerstones on which the Hotel at the Arlberg rests. Even today, the founding concepts are shown through the history of the "inn" at the Arlberg, which began in the 14th century with Heinrich Findelkind.

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The host family 

Our future will be breathtaking

The Arlberg Hospiz Hotel will start a new era in December 2021, a symbiosis of lived tradition and exclusive modernity.

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The Brotherhood of St. Christoph at the Arlberg

For over 600 years the spirit of hospitality has reigned in St. Christoph am Arlberg. Because where today the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel greets guests from all over the world, there was already a simple inn in 1386 that was a life-saving refuge for people in the rugged mountains. It goes back to Heinrich Findelkind, founder of the Brotherhood of St. Christoph, which survives to this day.

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